manhattan-sunsetThanks for coming to learn more about the NYSPA Division of Forensic Psychology. The purpose of the Division is multifaceted. It was created to further the objectives of NYSPA as set forth in its bylaws. It seeks to further the practice of forensic psychology in all its forms and specialties. It also seeks to promote standards of service, training, competency, and ethical conduct among its members. It works to safeguard the interests of the public and the profession. It is concerned with the issues that affect the independent and professional status of forensic psychologists, regardless of specialty. It also provides opportunities for professional training and growth in the field of forensic psychology. The Division seeks to educate and empower forensic psychologists and to educate and increase the appreciation, usefulness and influence of psychology within the legal system. We’re glad to have you here! Check out some posts. Please stay in touch with us on twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Better yet, Join Us! Here’s why.